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Common files used in many of our projects


This file contains EQUATES for default colors.

Used by the KCR_GlobalApplicationColors template.


This file contains common EQUATE declarations and Windows API function prototypes with unprefixed function names.

Used by the KCR_Win32 EXTENSION template.

This file contains additional EQUATE declarations.

Used by the KCR_Win32 EXTENSION template.

This file contains Windows API function prototypes with function names prefixed with ‘kcr_’.

This file contains EQUATES and error message for Queue Edit-In-Place.

Used by the KCR_QueueEditInPlace EXTENSION template.



PROCEDURE template for DEFAULT browse procedure in the style of our vertical market applications.


EXTENSION template to use kcrINIClass as the INIManager class.


This is the #TEMPLATE file you need to register in the Clarion Template Registry.

KCRCHAIN.TPL includes all of the following files.

KCRCNTRL.TPW - Control Templates
KCRCODE.TPW - Code Templates
KCREXTEN.TPW - Extension Templates
KCRPROCS.TPW - Procedure Templates
KCRUTIL.TPW - Utility Templates
KCRGROUP.TPW - Template Groups
KCRQEIP.TPW - Queue Edit In Place
KCR_ABBROWSE.TPW - Default Browse with Update and Select

Please see the Common Template Documentation for a complete listing of the templates with brief descriptions