Screen Capture Tools Documentation

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Getting Started

The DEVUNA repositories contain source code written in and for Clarion for Windows®

Our repositories utilize the same folder structure as Clarion for Windows®. Here is a list or the repository folders and their typical location in Clarion for Windows® version 10:

documents - CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS/Softvelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/Devuna/documents/[project name] (e.g. CoolTips)

examples - CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS/SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/Devuna/examples/[project name]

images - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/images

libsrc/win - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/libsrc/win

template/win - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/template/win

Documentation Contents

Documentation for the Screen Capture Tools library (sctools.dll) can be found in the Help folder of the repository. The Help folder contains everything needed to build an HTML_Help file for the Screen Capture Tools library.

The Screen Capture Tools library (sctools.dll) requires a couple of supporting libraries.

dibapi.dll  This library is based on the original dibapi library that is part of the WinCap project written in 1999 by Microsoft® Product Support Services, Developer Support. The dibapi folder contains the source for our modified version of the library as well as a Visual Studio 2013 solution to create the library.

Unfortunately the file is no longer available from Microsoft®. Our repository has a folder, named WinCap, that contains the original files from the archive. You can also find at The Programmer’s Corner.

jpgapi.dll  This library is a wrapper for the Intel® JPEG Library ijl15.dll. Our repository has a folder, named jpgapi, that contains the source files for the wrapper library as well as a Visual Studio 2013 solution to create the library.

ijl15.dll  The Intel® JPEG Library provides a set of highly optimized C functions that implement JPEG compression and decompression on Intel architecture processors. Unfortunately Intel® no longer supports this old library and strongly recommends users to check the Intel IPP that will bring more benefits for functionalities and performance. Our repository has a folder, named ijl15, that contains the original installer for the Intel® JPEG library (ijl15.exe).