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Queue Edit-in-Place

Queue Edit-in-Place Templates are written in and for Clarion for Windows


Distributed under the MIT License.


There are two templates included in the Queue Edit in Place Template set:

  1. KCR_QueueEIP - CONTROL template that provides ‘Edit-In-Place’ support for a QUEUE
  2. KCR_LoadSaveGlobalData - PROCEDURE template to Load/Save Global data from/to a binary file


On a screen where you would normally populate a browse control, populate the KCR_QueueEIP control instead.

The prompts for this control are virtually the same as a normal browse control.

Screen Shots

[main property page]

Screen Capture

[after pressing Column Specific button]

Screen Capture

[as viewed in the embed tree]

Screen Capture


The second template is a procedure template that lets you save/load global data to/from a binary dos image. This is provided so you can save/or load queue data.

CAUTION``` If you change the structure of any of the data that you have previously saved with the template, you will not be able to load the saved data (in fact you will likely cause your program to gpf). So, make sure the structure of the data you intend to save/load is in its final format before using this template.

Screen Shots

Screen Capture

Example Application

The example application is normally installed in

CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS\SoftVelocity\Clarion10\Accessory\Devuna\Examples\Queue Edit-In-Place

Release Notes

  1. 02/02/2017 - Validated for Clarion 10.0.12463
  2. 03/05/2015 - Validated for Clarion 10.0
  3. 05/22/2014 - Validated for Clarion 9.1.
  4. 07/27/2013 - Validated for Clarion 9.0.10247
  5. 04/24/2011 - Validated for Clarion 7.3.8222
  6. 06/04/2005 - Validated for Clarion 6.2.9045
  7. 08/28/2003 - Added more embeds to make coding easier. c6.0 release
  8. 04/29/2001 - Kill routine modified to avoid memory leak
  9. 04/16/2001 - Modified to be compatible with C55 patch ‘c’
  10. 03/03/2001 - Removed icons from buttons, Removed absolute control placement attributes, Placed all template prompts on separate sheet