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With Kwik Source Search (KSS) you can perform powerful standard and regular expression searches through one or multiple text files, such as source code, logging, and debugging information.

KSS is capable of finding the exact text you are looking for in any ASCII file or files. However, sometimes you have only part of the information that you want to match, or you want to find a wider range of information. In such cases, KSS has the powerful capability to search for patterns of text using regular expressions.

The underlying search engine for KSS is the Findstr command. KSS provides a convenient, user friendly, interface for the many command line options. Search text is always treated as a literal search string [/l and /c:] and files with non-printable characters are always skipped [/p]. The regular expression functionality of the Findstr command is used for the main text search. There are many examples that can be found on the internet.

KSS captures and filters the output of the Findstr command, opens the file associated with the selected result list item, and displays it in a syntax highlighting editor built on the Scintilla control. KSS has built-in styling for the Clarion language and can easily be extended, through the use of special property files, to provide styling for other languages supported by the Scintilla control.