DateTimePicker Documentation

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Getting Started

The DEVUNA repositories contain source code written in and for Clarion for Windows®

Our repositories utilize the same folder structure as Clarion for Windows®. Here is a list or the repository folders and their typical location in Clarion for Windows® version 10:

documents - CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS/Softvelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/Devuna/documents/[project name] (e.g. CoolTips)

examples - CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS/SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/Devuna/examples/[project name]

images - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/images

libsrc/win - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/libsrc/win

template/win - SoftVelocity/Clarion10/Accessory/template/win

Documentation Contents

Documentation for the class properties and methods can be found in the Help folder of the repository. The Help folder contains everything needed to build an HTML_Help file for the DateTimePicker control.

For detailed information on the control and its use, please see the Microsoft Documentation for the DateTimePicker Control.