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CyberTools Library Functions

Date / Time functions

DayofWeek(LONG pDate),STRING !Return the day of the week

Calendar(*? PassedDate),BYTE,PROC !Calendar

CalendarOLD(*?pDate) !Three Month Calendar

cwdate(LONG vbdate),LONG !convert vbdate to clarion date

cwtime(LONG vbtime),LONG !convert vbtime to clarion time

DateTimeToMinutes(LONG pDate, LONG pTime),ULONG !convert data and time to minutes

IsHoliday(LONG pDate,*CSTRING szHolidayName),BOOL !TRUE if passed date is a holiday


vbdate(LONG cwDate),LONG !convert clarion date to vbdate

vbtime(LONG cwTime),LONG !convert clarion time to vbtime

ds functions

ds_Message(STRING MessageTxt,,,,UNSIGNED Defaults=0,BOOL StylePar=FALSE),UNSIGNED,PROC,name('ds_Message') !

ds_Stop(),name('ds_Stop') !

ds_Halt(UNSIGNED Level=0,),name('ds\_Halt') !

GUID functions

GUIDFromString(*CSTRING szString),STRING




Registry functions

PutRegistry(STRING pSectionName, STRING pTokenLabel, STRING pNewValue, , ) !Put Registry Information

GetRegistry(STRING pSectionName, STRING pTokenLabel, , , ),STRING !Get Registry Data

DeleteRegistry(STRING pSectionName, STRING pTokenLabel, STRING pNewValue, , ) !Delete Registry Information

Text Manipulation functions

FullName(*CSTRING FName, *CSTRING MI, *CSTRING LName, *CSTRING FullName) !Full Name

NumberToText(*DECIMAL pAmount, BYTE pFlag, *CSTRING TextAmount) !Number To Text Converter

ProperString(*CSTRING PassedString) !Proper Passed String

RemoveCharacter(STRING PassedCharacter, *CSTRING PassedString) !Remove A Character From A Passed String

SplitFullName(*CSTRING szFullName, *CSTRING szFirstName, *CSTRING szMiddleName, *CSTRING szLastName) !Split Fullname into Component Names

WordWrapText(*CSTRING TextToWrap, *QUEUE TextQueue, *STRING TextQueueField, BYTE TextLength, BYTE TextLines) !Word Wrap Text

Thread Management functions

_AddThread(LONG pThdNumber,STRING pThdName,,,,,,) !Add Thread Queue Entry

CloseThreads() !Close All Threads

DeleteThread() !Delete Thread Queue Entry

FindThread(STRING pThdName,,*GROUP pThdRecord,) !Find Thread from Queue

GetThread(LONG,*GROUP) !Get Thread from Queue

SendThread(STRING pThdName, LONG pThdEvent) !Send Thread An Event

Instances(STRING pThdName),LONG !Get Thread Instance Count

PutThread(LONG pThd, *GROUP pThdRecord) !Get Thread from Queue

Threads(),BYTE !Get Number of Threads

Windows API functions

EnumPrinters(*QUEUE pQueue, *CSTRING pPrinterName),LONG !Enumerate Printers

GetCtrlRect(window OleWin, long feq, *RECT rc) !get control rectangle

GetDiskFreeSpace(*CSTRING szDirectoryName, *DECIMAL nFreeBytesAvail, *DECIMAL nTotalNumberOfBytes, *DECIMAL nTotalNumberOfFreeBytes),BYTE !

OpportunisticLockingDisabled(),BYTE !Returns TRUE if OpLocks are disabled

srcURLHandler(UNSIGNED wHandle, STRING URL),UNSIGNED,PROC !shell execute handler

Other Useful functions

BodySurface(REAL PassedHeight, REAL PassedWeight),REAL !Calculate Body Surface

Calculator() !Calculator

CopyFile(*CSTRING FromFileName, *CSTRING ToFileName) !Copy File From One To Another

C3ResizeControls(SHORT AnchorCTL, SHORT Resize:CWidth, SHORT Resize:CHeight) !Resize Controls On Window

RGB(LONG r, LONG g, LONG b),LONG !convert r,g,b to color

StdDev(*QUEUE pQueue, *DECIMAL pValue, *DECIMAL pStdDev) !Standard Deviation

Word:SpellCheck(*CSTRING p_TextToCheck, BYTE p_Quiet=0) !SpellCheck using word ole

WAVControl(STRING ControlType, USHORT DeviceID, ULONG CallingWindow, *CSTRING WAVFileName, <*ULONG PassedPosition>),USHORT !Control WAV File